Explain complex medical devices and procedures in the easiest way possible

  1. Help HCPs and caregivers understand your product faster
  2. Train patients in the proper usage of your product
  3. Put it in your customer’s hand, digitally
  4. Let the product tell its own story
  5. Anywhere. Anytime.

Benefits of 3ngage

Product-train your sales teams and resellers before shipping the product.

Product-train patients, caregivers and HCPs even before shipping the product.

Available digitally, your products can be experienced on any website, at any trade show, on any device.

Present your product in a more engaging way – more powerful than video. And never boring.

3ngage measures how buyers and users interact with your product. We help you learn what interests them the most.


Sell more through better understanding

In the medical space, proper product operation can be a matter of life and death. However, understanding can become an exploration instead of a chore, turning the customer a from a passive observer into an active participant. By letting users interact with the product as if they had it in their hands, you can make learning fun, and the complex – simple and accessible. All regardless of age, language, or familiarity with digital solutions.

Our interactive Product Experiences can be embedded in any website, using any content management system platform. Place your product’s “digital twin” on websites. Use it at trade fairs. Make it a leave-behind for your customer to discover!

3ngage measures what your customers do, as they interact with your digital product twin. Use your private access dashboard to easily see what interests them the most about your product. Then measure how well they can understand it.


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Why work with us?

We’re experienced in making products come alive

Integrate with existing digital channels or use as a standalone

Comprehensive behavior tracking

Put your product into your customer’s hands anywhere, any time